Mraine Studio (PT. MAHA RUANG SEMESTA) is a jakarta based design firm. Created by two young, passionate,  and open minded interior designer since 2009.

We have began with interior design, but very soon have extend our field of work in furnitrue design, and exterior from the rediential and retail industries.

We have steadly grown, workig on an amazing range of projects with both independent, national and international clients.

As we inspired by sophistication and functionality are the basic rules in our concepts.We offer a range of service that include :

  • interior Architecture and Design
  • 2D Drawing and  3D Visualization
  • Design and Builild
  • Full Project Management


Our future vision is to become a global `leader in the field of design services.


We constanstly strive to create unique spaces with the advances of technology by working with professional, reliable, and innovative partner.